Herbs are perfect for home health and there is a lot of great information about to tell you how best to use them. However I find over and over in my practice a need for a Herbal Grandma, in the background, to confirm that the choices you make for yourself and family are the right ones which will do no harm, and swiftly resolve common issues such as colds, flus and sinus issues, aches, owies and sprains, simply, with herbs and without expensive allopathic solutions.

What if you could, at any time throughout the year, call /txt /email /Whatsapp/message me,  to ask any herbal query you have? Questions like are there great herbal remedies available for your cold, indigestion, bronchitis? Why do you still have a cold 3 weeks later and why it keeps coming back? What herbs to use with bug bites stings scrapes and wounds? When do things become serious enough for a trip to the ER and what to look out for? What to do about your allergies or if your hives are serious or not? If the choices you are making herbally are right.

I am happy to be on hand to reassure you that the herbs you have and the choices you make are the best for you and your family. I am also more than happy to piont you to other herbalists or resources when I dont have the answers.

Herbalist on call is available for the nominal fee of $150 and lasts for the whole year. To make sure that this is the right plan for you, schedule a time by clicking the link above so that we can touch base, make sure we are a good fit, answer any questions and get you enrolled. Otherwise if you have any questions you can reach out at sashasideways@yahoo.com or txt me at +1 360 631 1996