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This service is ideal for those of us wanting to use herbal regimens and practices that ease symptoms as we address root causes. I cover a range of health concerns from general colds, flu's and allergies as well as more serious long term chronic issues, emotional discomfort, lack of focus and motivation.

As well as recommending herbal protocols to address chronic issues or specific problems I will be offering Elemental Plant Medicine treatments that uses the energy of the plant only and follows the five element principles of Chinese Medicine. Through our daily life, our qi, or life-force, may become blocked, imbalanced, depleted, or flooded. Elemental Plant Medicine is a treatment modality that has evolved from a lineage of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Plant Spirit Medicine, as taught by Joyce Netishen. We may choose to incorporate flower essences, journeying, and/or soul retrieval if desired or indicated by how our work together unfolds.

Some clients come because they know that something is wrong but they have been told that there is nothing wrong. Some clients have tried lots of supplements, have been disappointed with the results and the wealth of contradictory information online and just want to be educated about what would be right for their body and their issues. Some clients come because they know exactly what's up and they are excited about understanding the best herbal support. I work with mostly local herbs, using herbal medicine that has been made by myself or other medicine makers I know personally. I take time and care to come up with a herbal protocol that addresses your needs in a slow, outcome oriented format. I am available to answer questions, queries and any concerns while you are moving through your protocol, supporting you in your process.

Book now for your herbal consultation. An initial consultation takes between 1-2 hours and are done by phone until spring next year while I relocate. You receive a detailed protocol with clear recommendations in a follow-up email. All consultations are based on a pay as you may payment plan with a suggested consultation fee starting at $45. No one is turned away through lack of funds. If we need to schedule a series of appointments I will always work to make sure that they work within your needs and budget. 

Click on the link above and schedule an appointment time. No payment is necessary when you book your appointment.

Alternatively if you need to get in contact with me with any questions feel free to email or text me at or +1 360 631 1996