Art From the Liminal realms

Narnia enthralled me as a child, but the Magicians Nephew was by far my favourite. It was the place between the worlds.

A felt recognition when I read the urgency of limbo there. I would imagine the doors as trees for I knew that they were all portals and indeed when I began talking to the plants and the elements and learnt that there was other and we all had a place and I would ask and be guided by Grandmother Aspen and Madrona, Grandfather Cottonwood and Alder, Cedar, Juniper and Fir  as we revolved around the wheel. 

As a traveller from the onset I had to feel through my roots for deeper understanding and as I stretch down to where my line begins, the scream of blue, the drumming of the earth, the Iceni rhythm of living in sentience with our Mother, our father, our other.  The grasp of the sky and grip of rock, the gathering of seasons, the thrum of weaving, the sing of iron, the sizzle of flesh, the sweep of blood in the grove, and I feel the loss in this society, the loss of our elders, the loss of our myths, our connections to this earth.


It is to this loss that I offer my work, in prayer so that I may know my own way home.

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