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Wild Crafting Belts

You have all you need for easy and efficient wildcrafting, gardening or landscaping. One inner pocket, two tool holding pockets made for a hori hori and pruners and a larger looser outer pocket. All hand made wildcrafting belts start with this.

Every belt is hand made and follows a basic pattern, changeable to accommodate tool needs and be best tailored for your body. Customise different types of pockets, ring and loop placements.

Incorporate your animal or plant totem. Include personalised tooling/pyrography or art on the outside pocket. Ask about leather choices from oil drummed to vegetable-tanned leather.

For a basic wildcrafting belt with 2 pockets and 2 tool pockets the starting price is $110- 

One of my first wildcrafting belts I sold was to a large scale herbal farmer. She tried it on, fell in love and off it went. When I saw her a year later she told me she used it every day. I knew then that I wasn't the only person who believed in and loved my belts. Since then I have been lucky to see my leather crafts go to some fantastic owners and homes. To some of my favourite herbalists. Off on their own adventures.

I use USA grade leather for the belts, where we get to select from a variety of earthy colour choices. The belts are sewn using hand punched holes and sustainably harvested kangaroo lacing which gives superior strength and durability. Copper rivets hold it all together for long lasting strength. I like to find old rings or make them and repurpose old belts and buckles decorating the "tales" of the lacing with found thrift store beads and wildcrafted berries and feathers which, if you like can be removed and replaced with your own treasures. I use vegetable tanned leather for all my hand tooled or hand drawn cover pockets, cow hide and deer fur are also options.

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