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Tarot Readings

Book a reading and I will call you. All readings are done over the phone. We can do a longer overview reading or we can answer a particular query and see where the cards take us. Tarot will help uncover your inner wisdom about a situation or quandary as well as help show you whether the path is easy or rough, through the night or shining ahead.

All tarot readings are based on my Pay as you May policy...

usually by Venmo. Details  can be covered after the Reading

Natasha Is a skilled tarot reader, starting in her youth as she travelled and lived throughout Europe with her family. Using several decks Natasha has been grateful for all the teachers who have guided her on her way as she is always learning the wonders and lessons that the cards have to give us. As well as reading tarot for clients Natasha enjoys using them for Alter practice and in ceremony where they complement her work with Plant Spirit Medicine

For in-Person tarot you can find me at Twin Peaks Wellness and Nutrition Center in Downtown North Bend WA
Thursday Afternoons from 2pm
Feel free to txt to make an appointment 360 631 1996

111 W North Bend Way North Bend, WA, United States, 98045


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