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Leather Works

One of my first wildcrafting belts I sold was to a large scale herbal farmer. She tried it on, fell in love and off it went. When I saw her a year later she told me she used it every day. I knew then that I wasn't the only person who believed in and loved my belts. Since then I have been lucky to see my leather crafts go to some fantastic owners and homes. To some of my favourite herbalists. Off on their own adventures.


From embossed leather forever journal covers to coptic bound bespoke pyrography I offer an array, created just for you


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Little Medicine Bags

These belts are made for hands-free meandering, dancing and celebrating. Slung around the hips they will snugly hold your wallet, phone, keys and offerings while adding a shimmy to any event. The belts come in two basic styles using oil drummed tanned leather, kangaroo lace, copper rivets and found/natural beads. 

Small hip belt with horse bit detail

It all started here. All my leather crafts came from this one bag pictured above. It all started when I got fed up with searching for a bag. So I made one and now I love nothing more than to cosy up and make bags for you.

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