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Journal Covers

These are embossed and inked "forever" leather journal covers. Have them made to slip over your favourite notebook, whatever the size. These Journal Covers last a lifetime and take time to create, prices start at $125.

Leather 3 ring or 2 ring binder at with your choice of design burnt in. Great for organising information or using as a daily planner. Binders start at $65

This is a Coptic bound plain paper notebook with a wooden cover and a personalised pyrographic design.

 The one above is my dream journal. These wooden journal covers can be customised with your plant allies or animal totem. Notebooks come in 2 sizes and start at $45.

Pyrography, the burning of wood or leather is like a meditation in practice. I pencil in the design and then, using a burning pen start to move down through the design, adjusting the heat. The key to the process is taking time, using low heat and slowly building up the layers to bring depth to the image, hence the meditation. 

To order a note book contact me with your specifics.

The journal covers are made with high-quality vegetable-tanned leather, kangaroo leather lacing and found/natural beads and feathers. The initial process begins with a sketch on tracing paper, the image is then imprinted onto the leather and here starts the repetitive detailed prayer to my craft, embossing the image onto the leather. Once the image is embossed onto the leather, the inking begins. 

Quite often I get inspired by my work with Plant Spirit Medicine. or working with you on something that is close and dear to you. Always I am supported by my guides, and loved ones.

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