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Bags and Purses

It all started here. All my leather crafts came from this one bag pictured above. It all started when I got fed up with searching for a bag. You see I'm a one bag girl (Taurus sun) and I will love that bag until I completely wear it out (Capricorn moon) or I shift my ego state and the bag stops fitting. I'm also very thrifty so would find myself putting in serious manifestation magic and walking many miles looking for that amazing thrift store find bag. Well, somewhere in my mid thirty's, stuck in the boon dogs of rural life it got to the point where the bag just wasn't magically appearing. Not in the pre-made form. So I made one. (Sag rising).

And I fell in love, It was beautiful, perfect and inspiring and so I started making more things - more bags and other things i needed like wildcrafting belts, journal covers and then finally, to drums. So this bag, a mixed lot of second-hand leather tools from eBay was my entry into leatherwork. I confess I am self-taught, sometimes hysterically so. It took me 4 years off bruised fingers and nifty awl work before I noticed in a catalogue a type of lacing needle that completely revolutionized my lacing technique, as in I could do it with ease. A while before I switched to kangaroo lacing and oil drummed leather or vegetable-tanned leather. It is a fantastically forgiving and a beautiful craft, endless in its improvement and ageless in its relationship to us humans. As in most things in life I find myself motivated by the love of the craft which helps offset the hours in.

I price my creations to what I feel is fair and still affordable and although I have patterns and basic designs I love to make bespoke work for you, based on your needs. One of the most satisfying parts of the process is when I get to decorate with beads the lacing tails, search for antique buttons on etsy or thrift stores and wander through the forest looking for wood beads, buttons and feathers.

The price of a bag varies between $125 - $300 depending on size and style. Purses range between $85 - $125

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